WooCommerce Iota Plugin for wordpress webshops

WooCommerce Iota Plugin

WooCommerce Iota Plugin

The WooCommerce Iota Plugin was released by paywithiota thanks to niveshsaharan


Pay With IOTA

WooCommerce Pay with IOTA enables you to accept payments in IOTA on your wordpress website. It’s a plugin developed for WooCommerce and adds a payment gateway that converts your currency into IOTA.

How To Install

What are the options to pay with IOTA:

  • Users can pay via entering their seed
  • Users can pay using paywithiota.com
  • Users can pay by scanning QR code or can directly send payment to given address


Payment Gateway URL: https://paywithiota.com

WooCommerce Plugin: https://github.com/paywithiota/woocommerce-Pay-with-IOTA


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