Tip IOTA: Earn Money Online

tip iota chrome plugin

Tip IOTA: Earn Money Online

Tip IOTA is a revolutionary Chrome browser plugin that allows you to get tipped and to tip others for great writing, images, videos or even comments across the web

What is TipIOTA?

The Internet is full of great content but unfortunately most of its creators never get a dime for it. TipIOTA aims to break this limitation and empowers creators across all social media platforms to earn money for great work. TipIOTA Chrome browser extensions is currently in private beta but we are working hard to roll out integrations with as many social media platforms as possible. We have chosen Reddit as our test platform since it encapsulates a thriving and ever growing IOTA community. Once our plugin is widely tested, we aim to quickly extend our offering to all social media platforms beginning with Facebook, Twitter, Medium and YouTube. Now you can finally be rewarded for adding valuable content to any community. TipIOTA distinguishes itself from similar services by it’s ease of use and possible expansion over the entire internet.

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