Tangle Vs Blockchain Explained

tangle vs blockchain

Tangle Vs Blockchain

One of the best attempts at explaining Tangle Vs Blockchain and breaking down the main concepts so it’s easier to understand.

Trying to understand IOTA and the tangle can get confusing. If you don’t know the difference between the Tangle and Blockchain this video will help. Nathan Leung aka “Captain Crypto” discusses no fees, scalability, security, and quantum resistance.

Two main issue face all cryptocurrencies,

  1.  Sending micropayments and the associated fees.
  2.  Issues of scalability and brining usage to the mainstream

Bitcoin and Ethereum fail on these points. Any system that relies on miners to confirm transactions sending micro payments becomes too expensive and not worth it. Speed also declines as the network increases in size as more transactions compete for the limited block spaces.

Iota solves these problems since the tangle was designed from the ground up to be the backbone and underlying protocol for the Internet of things and machine to machine economy.

As the network grows, the tangle gets faster.

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Author Nathan Leung AKA “Captain Crypto” is a Texas-born filmmaker based in Los Angeles. “I heard about cryptocurrency recently from Gio – the brains behind Cryptonauts. Since then, I’ve devoted all available time researching ICO’s, blockchain, and Ethereum. I’m learning more about it every day and have officially fallen down the rabbit hole. “

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