Snapask Iota Proof of Concept

Snapask Iota proof-of-concept for Education technology platform

Snapask is a multi-national education technology company that serves over 400,000 students globally. They work with governments entities, educational foundations, and private education companies, to make it easier for students to learn, and teachers to teach their respective curriculum.

The company was incorporated in 2012 and is based in Telegraph Bay, Hong Kong with additional offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and Taiwan.

Why Snapask Chooses IOTA

COO Jeffery Liu writes…

Snapask IOTA

“Excited by IOTA’s zero-transaction-fee architecture, I reached out to Dominik (cofounder of the IOTA technology) in early August. After some Skype and email correspondence that cleared up my questions surrounding the IOTA technology, Snapask and the IOTA community have decided to work on a proof-of-concept for a Question and Answer platform that allows tutors to be paid in IOTA.

The timeline for this proof of concept will range between 6-12 months for us to complete. This is because we have to balance the roadmap for this PoC with Snapask’s aggressive expansion plans in 2018.

Once this PoC is ready for beta usage, we will invite a willing portion of our tutors to begin testing the new application and start receiving their payouts in IOTA. If initial feedback is good, and once the bugs have been squashed, Snapask will open this option up to all our tutors.”

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snapask iota partnership

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Integrated Student-Led Learning

Everyone learns best in their own way. We are designing tools for different learning content and methods, while empowering each student to take control of their learning.

So far, 150,000+ students choose Snapask to supplement their self-study. Tomorrow, we plan to integrate Snapask into every step of the learning process.

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