Pollution monitoring with IOTA In Taiwan

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Author: serawo

Pollution monitoring with IOTA

Collaboration between LASS and research group at NCKU enables real-time air pollution monitoring with $IOTA distributed ledger technology for all the PM2.5 stations in Taiwan.


Pollution Monitoring Iota

The goal of the IOTA Foundation is it to build a flourishing Machine Economy, where machines seamlessly interact and transact with each other. With IOTA, we have introduced the first scalable distributed ledger architecture that has no transaction fees and is able to run in the Internet of Things environment. The power of IOTA is in its network, as it scales horizontally with the number of network participants transacting with each other.




Common trouble of air quality index (AQI) measurement is untrustworthy data in each device and its validation during transmission. As the proposed solution, we attempt to integrate secure RTOS (for Arm Cortex-M) and DLT to ensure data integrity and proof-of-existence (PoE).

The motivation is to demonstrate how TangleID manipulates AQI measurement and bookkeeping based on . We expect to deploy advanced features such as MAM and Flash channels accordingly.


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