Smart Decentralisation: Moving From The Cloud To The Fog – Dominik Schiener

smart decentralisation

What does the evolutionary transition towards smart decentralisation mean for both the internet of things and our society? With the introduction of blockchain, the internet of things will actually move away from the cloud and towards the fog – something that in turn could give rise to a fully autonomous machine economy, one that no […]

IOTA Co-founder Dominik Schiener | Tokyo Meetup (August 9, 2017)

iota the backbone of the internet of things

The Blockchain has had 8 years of progress. Considering the remarkable pace at which this technology has developed, the race is already on to write the next chapter. One of the many promising candidates vying to do just that is IOTA which focuses on the critical intersection between IoT and the Blockchain and aims to […]

Dominik Schiener – IOTA & The Tangle – Revolutionizing Blockchain Technology

Dominik Schiener Rooftop Talks Berlin, Germany

MAKERS ROOFTOP TALKS VOL.4 – August 4th 2017 Berlin Germany   Dominik Schiener, co-founder of IOTA, speaks about “IOTA & The Tangle – Revolutionizing Blockchain Technology” 22-year old Dominik Schiener, co-founder of cryptocurrency IOTA, got involved with the crypto-scene six years ago when even Bitcoin was still in its infancy. With IOTA, a cryptocurrency based on […]

Bolshoi is building a comprehensive Iota Wallet & Iota Hardware Wallet

Bolshoi Iota wallet

Follow Bolshoi on Steemit BOLSHOI is a comprehensive IOTA wallet project built as a Chrome Packaged App. The goal is to have an IOTA wallet that works as a complete control center. BOLSHOI aims to be a solution to some very important needs IOTA, and cryptocurrencies as rule, bring upon. Security: perhaps the most important […]

Interview with Iota Founder David Sønstebø

THE ETHER REVIEW INTERVIEW#69 – IOTA & the Post-Blockchain Era (Arthur Falls and David Sønstebø) David Sønstebø, co-founder of IOTA, discusses this next-generation post-blockchain platform designed to serve as the backbone for the Internet-of-Things (IoT). IOTA is a groundbreaking new open-source distributed ledger that does not use a blockchain. Its innovative new quantum-proof protocol, known as […]

Decentralizing and Opening Up Solar Energy Trading

Solar energy sharing

  Solar Magazine interview IOTA Foundation Member David Cohen, a US-based expert in distributed computing and digital energy, to gain insight into the attributes that distinguish IOTA Tangle from its blockchain cousins, and how it could dramatically enhance the sharing of locally produced solar energy, thereby enhancing returns on investment for solar energy producers, lower […]

Interview with Dominik Schiener, Co-Founder of IOTA

Moritz Strube interviews Dominik Schiener. Interview mit Dominik Schiener, Co-Founder von IOTA (08.03.2017) GOOGLE TRANNSLATION: Dominik Schiener is co-founder of IOTA, a Berlin startup, which has developed a blockchain-like solution for the M2M payment for services with Micropayments in the Internet of Things. In the interview, the 21-year-old, who has earned his money with the computer for […]