IOTA Trezor Hardware wallet coming soon?

iota trezor hardware wallet

IOTA Trezor Hardware wallet coming soon? Source: IOTA transactions with TREZOR hardware Bart Slinger revealed his project to make IOTA transactions using TREZOR hardware. One of the missing features for IOTA at the moment is an offline wallet. Another project I started with my brother a little over four months ago was to built our very […]

Masked Authenticated Messaging

Introducing Masked Authenticated Messaging Author:Paul Handy Original Article : IOTA is the first distributed ledger architecture that has no transaction fees and is built for ecosystems such as the Internet of Things or Web 3.0; enabling a future in which devices can securely communicate with and autonomously compensate each other. At its core, IOTA uses […]

IOTA Partner and Affiliations

Every Partner and Affiliation that IOTA Has (The Tangle) Author: nateq Original Article: You may be wondering, “Who all has partnered with IOTA?” If you are unfamiliar with IOTA and the Tangle, check out why I think the Tangle is better than Blockchain. Keep in mind, IOTA has been working with tons of developers just to […]

NetObjex & IOTA Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging Prototype

NetObjex Presentation at ITIC

NetObjex Demonstrates Dynamic Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging Prototype Using Distributed Ledgers and Cryptocurrency IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — NetObjex Inc, an Irvine, CA based IoT-BlockChain platform company, in partnership with the International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC), recently unveiled a proof of concept solution for dynamic electric vehicle wireless charging using the IOTA decentralized network and cryptocurrency. NetObjex participated […]

EV Charge Station running fully on IOTA (Proof of Concept)

IOTA EV Charge Station POC

EV Charge Station running fully on IOTA Following on from the Amsterdam Meetup last week Harm van den Brink has just published an account of exactly how ElaadNL created a proof of concept to build an EV (Electric Vehicle) charging station running fully on IOTA and using the tangle to store measurement values (like a smart meter). […]

CarrIOTA — your personal IOTA-driven bank

Meet CarrIOTA — your personal IOTA-driven bank Author: Roman Semko We have started to work on a new generation of a cryptocurrency manager. Beyond a simple “wallet”. A complete manager of entities, wallets and value flows between them. A “carrier” of IOTAs. Hence, “CarrIOTA”. The reasons and requirements for creating CarrIOTA were several: 1.Overall discontentment with the current […]

Nakamoto Partnership with Advanced Blockchain AG

nakamoto advanced blockchain

Nakamoto Partnership with Advanced Blockchain AG Advanced Blockchain AG, publicly listed on the German Stock Exchange, was set-up in order to ‘find the building-blocks that will shape the world of tomorrow’. They focus their research towards projects that utilize Distributed Ledger Technology in an attempt to shake up long-standing industries, cut out middlemen and create […]

IOTA Price Prediction 2018


IOTA Price Prediction 2018: This Little-Known Cryptocurrency Could Record Four-Digit Returns With so much political strife sweeping the nation, it’s nice to know that sensible people can agree on one thing—buzzwords are the worst. Augmented reality, virtual reality, neural nets, machine learning, deep learning, big data—there are simply too many to count. But at Profit Confidential, […]