Navigato – Dedicated RFID IOT controllers powered by IOTA

Dedicated IoT controllers powered by IOTA

A new IOTA project was revealed today by Bulgarian company Navigato

Kalin Tsekov CEO of Navigato tweeted a reference to his attendance at the AUTONOMY conference in Paris, the annual international event on the future of urban mobility.

The official company twitter account tagline reads “Touch the Tangle and Recharge the World!”

From their website it seems they are focused on servicing the electric mobility space with their hardware devices, using IOTA tangle technology enabling businesses to monitor their charging stations.

Digging a little deeper we can see Kalin Tsekov a software engineer from Bulgaria describe the company on his Linkedin page

“Navigato is a platform that offers a best service for electric car drivers and charge point owners . AI navigate them to the nearest charge point, with own wallet for payment, supporting a bunch of payment processors . Elastic cloud service for charging stations management focused on B2B market segment, dedicated hardware IoT controller for management.”

He has a background in blockchain, mobile apps developement, data analysis platforms, high-performance server applications IPTV / OTT platforms, AI / Neural networks, betting and online casino software, payment services, microcontrollers and AI / Machine Learning.

Navigato Hardware RFID Device

navigato iota rfid

Desciribed as a “Unique hardware device with switchable programmed RFID tag for all operating modes.”


  • I2C, UART (universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter) a lot of interfaces for direct communication with charging station, if the client required them.
  • ARM based controller with GSM modem for M2M comm
  • In extended version includes TFT display.

The controller for home use, which is installed before the home charger, also includes GSM modem for connectivity.

For more information visit their website here

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