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The team behind Brickblock, a trading platform to connect real-world assets and cryptocurrencies, has partnered with the team in a bid to explore new levels of scalability, which will be needed to support Brickblock’s ambitious plans.

The Brickblock team has been hard at work for many months, striving to make the independant trading of real-world assets on the blockchain a possibility. Its focus has been building a foundation for the efficient, transparent trading of real-world assets such as real estate, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and coin funds on the blockchain. Brickblock is on the verge of becoming the first team to conduct a real-world asset transaction on the blockchain by tokenizing a 27-unit, 1528m2 multi-storey building in Berlin.


Those in and around the crypto world are becoming aware of the challenges presented by the blockchain’s mainstream adoption. Ethereum has been the go-to platform for blockchain tokenization for a while, and its blockchain is taking on increasingly heavy traffic. The Ethereum blockchain is likely to encounter scalability issues in the near future, with 3.2 billion assets expected to be tokenized by 2020.

Brickblock has taken the initiative in the search for solutions – a search that has brought them to Based in the crypto capital of the world, Berlin, the team is exploring how the Tangle Network can be used to go a step beyond blockchain in connecting the real-world with that of distributed ledger technology, and the implications that could have on traditional industries. The team forms part of the IEN (The IOTA Evangelist Network), which is currently being set up to increase awareness about IOTA, help grow the IOTA community, and build partnerships.

“Brickblock is agnostic to what blockchain it uses. We are always looking for the one with the highest scalability, and IOTA could offer some unique advantages in the near future.”
Jakob Drzazga, Brickblock

IOTA’s Tangle Network has been dubbed ‘the future of blockchain’. It represents the next step in the evolution of distributed ledger technology, bringing an abundance of previously inconceivable improvements, such as the ability to conduct micro and nano-transactions with no fees. The Brickblock team is most interested in the Tangle Network’s infinite scalability, and is working with the team to delve deeper into exploiting it.

The alliance will focus on researching the potential of fusing Brickblock’s real-world asset exchange platform and’s expertise in the application and integration of the Tangle Network.

With Brickblock’s ICO taking place on October 31st, the partnership will come as exciting news to investors. It could help break the chains of standard blockchain technology, exposing Brickblock to thrilling new possibilities and making it the first real use-case on the revolutionary Tangle Network.

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The nakamoto team is comprised of passionate, forward thinking, Tangle-enthusiasts, dedicated to bringing the vast potential of the Tangle Network to the world and establishing it as the industry leader for distributed ledger technology.

The team has a track record of being one step ahead. Through meticulous research and seasoned foundations in DLT, they aim to use the huge potential of the Tangle Network as the bridge between the world of today and the DLT-based world of tomorrow – positioning themselves at the forefront of the next cycle in this exciting revolution.

The team are currently in Florida for their bootcamp

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