Masked Authenticated Messaging

IOTA is the first distributed ledger architecture that has no transaction fees and is built for ecosystems such as the Internet of Things or Web 3.0; enabling a future in which devices can securely communicate with and autonomously compensate each other.

At its core, IOTA uses a gossip protocol to propagate transactions through the network. This mechanism means that any data with sufficient weight can be dispersed to the opposite side of the cluster efficiently. These transactions can carry value or data sent from a car, a cargo ship, or an app on your phone — allowing any device or human to send messages across the globe.

What is Masked Authenticated Messaging

An experimental module currently under peer review, Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM) is a second layer data communication protocol which adds functionality to emit and access an encrypted data stream, like RSS, over the Tangle (IOTA’s distributed ledger) regardless of the size or cost of device. IOTA’s consensus protocol adds integrity to these message streams. Given these properties, MAM fulfills an important need in industries where integrity and privacy meet.

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