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SolarCoinAPI and Blockchain Datalogger for SolarCoin granting

Project “owner”: François Sonnet (Co-founder in ElectriCChain)

CoreTeam & roles: Luke Johnson (ElectriCChain Project Engineer), Ahmed Isam (SolarCoin Foundation Lead Developer), Nick Gogerty (SolarCoin Supervision), François Sonnet (ElectriCChain Supervision & BizDev)

Long term vision: To get a simple data logger to connect to the IOTA chain and to  integrate the data delivered from an IOTA-SLO (Solcrypto) proprietary smartgrid iot-datalogger (ie, able to read the solar production from any inverter, regardless of the brand) directly to a Tangle, and to duplicate this data on the SLR Blockchain for the purpose of granting SLR’s. Communicate with the SolarCoin Granting Engine API on AWS. Send encrypted information to user profiles at Solcrypto (and other affiliates)  user logins. All done securely.

Short term goals achieved : SolarCoinAPI to allow for any solar owner, solar monitoring company, solar asset manager and solar manufacturing company to benefit from the SolarCoin incentive as a Global Renewable Energy Incentive subsidy. SolarCoinAPI allows for granting SolarCoins to end-users.

End Goals: Connecting an IOT-Datalogger/output of an Inverter directly to the Tangle, then sending the relevant information to the SolarCoin blockchain so that the SolarCoin Granting API can grant SolarCoin’s securely. Additionally building the first secure nodes on the ElectriCChain.

Amazing inspiring things could happen if goals are fully met, the projects “Why.”:

What would happen in the world when we have frictionless and costless micropayments from solar panels connected to a blockchain? This can happen anywhere on Earth. The value of the Sun that is raining down on us will be immediately be used as a token in the local community and/or transported globally, plus it will promote more solar energy globally. A positive feedback loop is created.

This first case is the first connection to the ElectriCChain. Something that will eventcot-london-schemaually have at least 7 million nodes of solar energy producers across borders and possibly up to 200 million nodes in the next 15 to 25 years. The resource of the ElectriCChain can be leveraged for many other scientific and discovery uses including Global Climate Change and Micro-climate surveillance, pollution detection and improvement.

ElectriCChain is a Blockchain As a Service (BAaS) and our team will be using the SolarCoin    blockchain and we are open and technology agnostic for collaboration and development with    other blockchains such as IOTA, Ethereum, lisk etc.    The main aim    of ElectriCChain is to build the largest open scientific solar monitoring system by connecting solar monitoring devices (data loggers, inverters, Raspberry Pi/Bitseed nodes) with the SolarCoin blockchain and other relevant blockchains.

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