IOTA Wallet Refresh

One of the problems with Iota at the moment is that it’s not very user friendly. The technology is also different to what most cryptocurrency users are used to and this results in a lot of confusion.

Dr Navin Ramachandran and Iota Foundation member shows how this issue is being addressed in his post on Medium where he shares mockups of the  new wallet onboarding process.

“The main focus is to educate users about the technology, and to ensure that the wallet is set up in the most secure (but still usable) way possible.”

The wallet refresh project is co-ordinated by Charlie Varley from the IOTA@UCL team and Navin Ramachandran (Iota Foundation) and has been receiving feedback from the Iota community.

The codebase is in React.js allowing for simple cross-platform deployment. The new wallet when it is released will be available for both desktop and mobile.

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