IOTA Trezor Hardware wallet coming soon?

iota trezor hardware wallet

IOTA Trezor Hardware wallet coming soon?

Source: IOTA transactions with TREZOR hardware

Bart Slinger revealed his project to make IOTA transactions using TREZOR hardware.

One of the missing features for IOTA at the moment is an offline wallet.

Another project I started with my brother a little over four months ago was to built our very own trezors. We discovered that trezor makes all their software and hardware open source. It seemed like a cool idea to order some PCB’s and components and construct our very own trezors for lower cost. Also, the device is built around an STM32, which I’ve covered many times before on my website. It did not seem to difficult to make modifications to the firmware.

IOTA Seed generation from 24 words mnemonic

By default, the trezor uses a 24 words mnemonic which deterministically generates addresses for various crypto’s….Bart implemented a simple algorithm that chops the 64 bytes from the mnemonic into 4 48-byte arrays. These are then absorbed by kerl and in the end the deterministic seed is squeezed out.

Proof of work is not done on the trezor. The seed never left the trezor! The very first trezor-signed transaction ever in the tangle can be found here on

All of this development is a hobby project in his spare time. As yet he hasn’t contacted the Trezor team but he hopes in future they can make IOTA Trezor work together. If you are a programmer all the code is available on Github if you want to flash your own device.

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