Iota Total Supply – Comparing IOTA total supply to Bitcoin & Ethereum

Iota maximum supply

Iota Units of Measurement

In this video the Iota units of measurements are explained. There are 6 basic units of measurement in IOTA


Pi & Ti are huge numbers that have little meaning for everyday units of measurement. The other remaining units can be broken down like this.

When comparing to other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, an easier comparison is to use Gi as the unit of measurement as opposed to Mi which is the current unit of measurement on most exchanges.

Iota Total Supply- Comparing IOTA Supply to Bitcoin & Ethereum

One of the most common complaints about IOTA is it’s total supply compared to the price of each token. This video helps you understand how to measure and compare IOTA to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Iota maximum supply


Bitcoin can currently perform 3-5 transactions per second, Ethereum can do around 15 transactions per second, Ripple can perform the most and close behind is IOTA at 1000 transactions per second. The great thing about IOTA is that as the network grows so will its speed so in the future IOTA will outperform all other cryptocurrencies, the maximum number of transactions per second are defined by the laws of physics and the available bandwidth.

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