IOTA on Twitter : Dr. Rolf Werner | T-Systems | Deutschetelekom

T-Systems a part of #deutschetelekom tweeted about IOTA.

Taking a look on their about page, you can see why they might be interested in IOTA, not to mention that Dr Rolf Werner tweeted about IOTA being the only valid Cryptocurrency. Currently head of Fujitsu, T-Systems was his former company. I guess he has been talking to his old colleagues about the benefits of IOTA and the tangle.

About T-Systems

Connected and autonomous driving

T-Systems is also teaching vehicles how to communicate, through sensors and smart networking. Turning the vision of autonomous vehicles into reality requires, for one thing, high-resolution roadmaps. More importantly, it involves collecting, aggregating and processing diverse sensor data and environmental information in real time. This is where T-Systems’ Connected Car platform comes in. It comprises all the components needed for the secure global networking of different manufacturers’ vehicles along with service providers and infrastructure operators. Major automakers such as BMW and Daimler already deploy T-Systems’ Connected Car solutions.
Under the Innovation Charter for the Digital Motorway Test Bed, a group of organizations in Germany – Deutsche Telekom, Continental, the Fraunhofer ESK Institute for Embedded Systems and Communication Technologies, and Nokia Networks – are testing real-time communication between motor vehicles via the LTE network. Vehicles traveling on the motorway can exchange information on driving hazards extremely quickly, with data transmission times in the millisecond range. This technology enables the development of applications that interface with vehicle electronics to make driving a safer and more comfortable experience.
The fastest mobile network will hit the road in summer 2016, when T-Systems equips BMW ConnectedDrive with LTE, enabling download speeds of up to 300 megabits per second (MBit/s). Deutsche Telekom will provide the Bavarian automaker with a managed mobile network and uniform service across 60 countries. BMW will also gain a complete overview of mobile network availability in each country.

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