IOTA to be listed on Binance Exchange


Today Binance started accepting IOTA deposits which means in a few days IOTA will begin trading there. It’s quite normal for wallets to be working and tested properly before real trading begins. What is also revolutionary is that transfers using IOTA to IOTA between exchanges won’t incur fees.

Trading IOTA has previously only been really available on bitfinex with 99% of the trading volume there and bitfinex isn’t supporting US residents anymore so if binance captures just even a quarter of the $20-million daily volume it will be huge.

Binance adding IOTA deposits. Should start trading soon 🙂 from binance

iota wallet binance

About Binance

Binance is an international exchange. The company is registered in Hong Kong, which is separate from mainland China. Binance has team members (and offices, some small) in HK, Japan, Singapore and Columbia at the moment. After the recent issues with China they have banned all Chinese users from trading and no longer have servers in China; they’re currently located in South Korea and Japan

The exchange is led by Changpeng Zhao and his company Beiji Technology. The exchange is best known for its fast processing speeds.

In August 2017, the exchange announced that Yi He, co-founder of OKCoin, was joining the platform. Yi He is also known for being a renowned cryptocurrency evangelist. She’s one of the most respected and influential individuals in China’s online economy.

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