IOTA EV charging station taking payments live with IOTA

IOTA EV Charging Station

An electric vehicle charging station taking live payments with IOTA was demoed at the Amsterdam meetup

Iota ev charging station

Close up of the demo they used live at the event. It would activate when you plugged in the charging cord and the cell phone app would pay X amount of IOTA per KiloWatt hour and the app will have a search function to find the nearest charging stations. The proof of work is offloaded from the cell phone and would eventually be done by the companies servers to keep the POW fast and light for users.

Oslo2Rome E-Charging Network

Enexis plans on spreading these stations across Europe and will be part of the Oslo2Rome Initiative using electric vehicles to drive across Europe using charging stations.

oslo to rome electric car charging stations

Video: (Presentation Periscoped by Dennis Schouten)

They also told everyone there that this charging station tells the tangle it’s state (occupied/free, rate, position etc) that way you can search it for it on your cell phone and know info about it before going to the location to charge up your electric vehicle. The system doesn’t use any backend besides IOTA.

About Enexis and ElaadNL


Enexis is a subsidiary of ElaadNL a large energy corporation.

ElaadNL is the knowledge and innovation centre in the field of (smart) charging infrastructure in the Netherlands and is owned by the Dutch grid operators. 

The emergence of electric mobility and sustainable charging is a significant development for the electricity grid. Through their mutual involvement via ElaadNL, the grid operators acquire an overview of the measures to be taken to ensure that the network remains reliable and affordable, whilst enabling the development of E-mobility. Innovative solutions are explored that will generate great benefits for society. Optimal use can be made of the existing grid by ‘smart charging’.

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IOTA EV charging station by ELaad demoed at the Amsterdam meetup. Taking payments live with IOTA


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