Dominik Schiener & David Sønstebø AMA with TheNextWeb

Dominik Schiener & David Sønstebø

Dominik Schiener & David Sønstebø AMA with TheNextWeb

Thursday, November 30th 5:00pm CEST — 11:00am EDT — 8:00am PDT — 8:30pm IST

Dominik is a young entrepreneur and Co-founder of IOTA, a new distributed ledger technology and non-profit Foundation in Germany. He has been involved in the Blockchain space for more than 5 years, was part of the founding team of the Crypto Valley in Zug and is very passionate about bringing Distributed Ledger Technologies to the physical world.

David is a serial entrepreneur who has been working in the blockchain/DLT space full time since early 2012. He founded IOTA together with Dominik Schiener, Serguei Popov and Sergey Ivancheglo in 2015 after having worked together on other innovative blockchain initiatives. He is also heavily involved in distributed computing and the cutting edge of the semiconductor industry with emphasis on AI and IoT.

Dominik and David will be answering doing the session together.

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