Chatangle – Global chatroom, powered IOTA tangle

Chatangle messaging

Chatangle – a free global chatroom, powered by the IOTA tangle

Peter Ryszkiewicz created a global chatroom, layered on top of the IOTA tangle, which lets you chat, almost instantaneously, from anywhere in the world, to anyone in the world.

Chatangle is in Beta

As of right now, it is in Beta, as there are probably bugs and performance issues to tackle.

It only supports public chatting right now, but there are plans to create private and authenticated chat sessions.

The future of private Messaging?

I really love Chatangle, this is a great proof of concept to show what could be possible in the future, when testing, it took me 66 seconds to send one message due to the proof of work needed to attach the message to the tangle. Not really perfect for a real time conversation, but as IOTA and the tangle network grow this is sure to become faster. Maybe Slack, Telegram or WhatsApp might consider switching to the tangle one day in the future?

You can test Chatangle here

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I went back to test this again and already the speed has increased 10 fold. Now a message takes 6 seconds to send. This is helped by the number of users and the channel “Speed Up the network by spamming posts”.

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