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Iota Total Supply – Comparing IOTA total supply to Bitcoin & Ethereum

Iota maximum supply

Iota Units of Measurement In this video the Iota units of measurements are explained. There are 6 basic units of measurement in IOTA Pi,Ti,Gi,Mi,Ki,i Pi & Ti are huge numbers that have little meaning for everyday units of measurement. The other remaining units can be broken down like this. When comparing to other cryptocurrencies like […]

Tangle Vs Blockchain Explained

tangle vs blockchain

Tangle Vs Blockchain One of the best attempts at explaining Tangle Vs Blockchain and breaking down the main concepts so it’s easier to understand. Trying to understand IOTA and the tangle can get confusing. If you don’t know the difference between the Tangle and Blockchain this video will help. Nathan Leung aka “Captain Crypto” discusses no fees, […]

Dominik Schiener – IOTA & The Tangle – Revolutionizing Blockchain Technology

Dominik Schiener Rooftop Talks Berlin, Germany

MAKERS ROOFTOP TALKS VOL.4 – August 4th 2017 Berlin Germany   Dominik Schiener, co-founder of IOTA, speaks about “IOTA & The Tangle – Revolutionizing Blockchain Technology” 22-year old Dominik Schiener, co-founder of cryptocurrency IOTA, got involved with the crypto-scene six years ago when even Bitcoin was still in its infancy. With IOTA, a cryptocurrency based on […]

Interview with Iota Founder David Sønstebø

THE ETHER REVIEW INTERVIEW#69 – IOTA & the Post-Blockchain Era (Arthur Falls and David Sønstebø) David Sønstebø, co-founder of IOTA, discusses this next-generation post-blockchain platform designed to serve as the backbone for the Internet-of-Things (IoT). IOTA is a groundbreaking new open-source distributed ledger that does not use a blockchain. Its innovative new quantum-proof protocol, known as […]