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Chatangle – Global chatroom, powered IOTA tangle

Chatangle messaging

Chatangle – a free global chatroom, powered by the IOTA tangle Peter Ryszkiewicz created a global chatroom, layered on top of the IOTA tangle, which lets you chat, almost instantaneously, from anywhere in the world, to anyone in the world. Chatangle is in Beta As of right now, it is in Beta, as there are probably […]

CarrIOTA: direct debits on the tangle

direct debits on tangle

CarrIOTA: direct debits on the tangle Author: Roman Semko As promised in the CarrIOTA announcement a week ago, this post will briefly explain how we are implementing the direct debits on CarrIOTA. What are direct debits? In a nutshell, direct debits is a financial agreement where one entity can withdraw funds from another entity’s account. In banking, it is a […]

EV Charge Station running fully on IOTA (Proof of Concept)

IOTA EV Charge Station POC

EV Charge Station running fully on IOTA Following on from the Amsterdam Meetup last week Harm van den Brink has just published an account of exactly how ElaadNL created a proof of concept to build an EV (Electric Vehicle) charging station running fully on IOTA and using the tangle to store measurement values (like a smart meter). […] gets behind Brickblock digital asset exchange

Source: Mondovisione The team behind Brickblock, a trading platform to connect real-world assets and cryptocurrencies, has partnered with the team in a bid to explore new levels of scalability, which will be needed to support Brickblock’s ambitious plans. The Brickblock team has been hard at work for many months, striving to make the independant […]