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Iota Chain of Things

IOTA:CHAIN OF THINGS – PROJECT 7 SolarCoin Affiliate website: SolarCoinAPI and Blockchain Datalogger for SolarCoin granting Project “owner”: François Sonnet (Co-founder in ElectriCChain) CoreTeam & roles: Luke Johnson (ElectriCChain Project Engineer), Ahmed Isam (SolarCoin Foundation Lead Developer), Nick Gogerty (SolarCoin Supervision), François Sonnet (ElectriCChain Supervision & BizDev) Long term vision: To get a simple data logger to connect […]

Decentralizing and Opening Up Solar Energy Trading

Solar energy sharing

  Solar Magazine interview IOTA Foundation Member David Cohen, a US-based expert in distributed computing and digital energy, to gain insight into the attributes that distinguish IOTA Tangle from its blockchain cousins, and how it could dramatically enhance the sharing of locally produced solar energy, thereby enhancing returns on investment for solar energy producers, lower […]