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IOTA on Twitter : Dr. Rolf Werner | T-Systems | Deutschetelekom

T-Systems a part of #deutschetelekom tweeted about IOTA. #IOTA – wenn die Rechnung aufgeht, bezahlen sich Maschinen in Zukunft gegenseitig @itbusinessde: #Transformation — T-Systems MMS (@TSystems_MMS) October 17, 2017 Taking a look on their about page, you can see why they might be interested in IOTA, not to mention that Dr Rolf Werner tweeted […]

NetObjex Smart City Metering solution use IOTA

businessapp NetObjex demonstrated its Smart Metering solution featuring the GlenCan smart meters interfaced with the NetObjex IoT-Blockchain platform. This solution leveraged the ultra secure, transaction-fee-less IOTA decentralized network and its MIOTA cryptocurrency, and mobile SDKs from NetObjex. This solution provides a secure, low cost alternative for smart metering to communities and municipalities globally and disintermediates […]

Forbes talk about IOTA

forbes iota

Forbes published a well balanced article on IOTA today, written by Jonathan Chester While the end of the article was focussing on the negative aspects that have been recently publicised, it’s great to get the word out to Forbes 13.8 Million twitter followers and exposure to their 59 Million monthly web visitors. Read the full article here: […]

IOTA’s “Vulnerability”

IOTA’s “Vulnerability” summary article from Steemit Originaly Published here AUTHOR : rajivshah You’ve probably seen the report by Neha Narula, director of the Digital Coin Initiative at MIT. You’ve probably seen the Forbes article by Amy Castor. But you may not have seen: MIT-DCI’s full report of the “vulnerability”. IOTA developer Sergey Ivancheglo’s (known as Come-from-Beyond) response to the report. IOTA founder David Sønstebø’s response to the […]