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CarrIOTA — your personal IOTA-driven bank

Meet CarrIOTA — your personal IOTA-driven bank Author: Roman Semko We have started to work on a new generation of a cryptocurrency manager. Beyond a simple “wallet”. A complete manager of entities, wallets and value flows between them. A “carrier” of IOTAs. Hence, “CarrIOTA”. The reasons and requirements for creating CarrIOTA were several: 1.Overall discontentment with the current […]

Wallet Refresh  – IOTA Desktop Wallet in Development

iota desktop wallet

Iota Foundation member Navin Ramachandran shares the latest updates with the IOTA wallet development.  A team of developers and a team of translators are working on the project. Many users have asked for a desktop-specific version of the application, to match the different ergonomics of the desktop, compared to a mobile app.  Read the full post […]

IOTA Wallet Refresh

One of the problems with Iota at the moment is that it’s not very user friendly. The technology is also different to what most cryptocurrency users are used to and this results in a lot of confusion. Dr Navin Ramachandran and Iota Foundation member shows how this issue is being addressed in his post on […]

Bolshoi is building a comprehensive Iota Wallet & Iota Hardware Wallet

Bolshoi Iota wallet

Follow Bolshoi on Steemit BOLSHOI is a comprehensive IOTA wallet project built as a Chrome Packaged App. The goal is to have an IOTA wallet that works as a complete control center. BOLSHOI aims to be a solution to some very important needs IOTA, and cryptocurrencies as rule, bring upon. Security: perhaps the most important […]