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NetObjex Smart City Metering solution use IOTA

businessapp NetObjex demonstrated its Smart Metering solution featuring the GlenCan smart meters interfaced with the NetObjex IoT-Blockchain platform. This solution leveraged the ultra secure, transaction-fee-less IOTA decentralized network and its MIOTA cryptocurrency, and mobile SDKs from NetObjex. This solution provides a secure, low cost alternative for smart metering to communities and municipalities globally and disintermediates […]

SatoshiPay IOTA Flash Channels – Demo


Satoshi Pay have revealed stage two of their collaboration with IOTA, with the public release of the proof-of-concept demo site. Flash Channels Flash channels provide a way to transact for free in high frequency without computing PoW constantly. This reduces the transaction overhead to a negligible level by creating transactions off network. The resulting channels free […]

Navigato – Dedicated RFID IOT controllers powered by IOTA

Dedicated IoT controllers powered by IOTA A new IOTA project was revealed today by Bulgarian company Navigato Kalin Tsekov CEO of Navigato tweeted a reference to his attendance at the AUTONOMY conference in Paris, the annual international event on the future of urban mobility. @navigato_us team is ready for our big step ahead in next weeks! Special […] WordPress Microtipping Plugin

WordPress Microtipping Plugin

Today launched the first version of their wordpress microtipping plugin This allows authors on any wordpress blog to receive micropayments from other users who appreciate their work. In it’s current version each author on a site adds their IOTA address and the plugin automatically adds a tipping link at the end of each article […]

Silkos online encrypted marketplace & Iota

silkos & Iota

Silkos & Iota Silkos is discussing to implement the tangle technology of IOTA into their blockchain business development technology.   About Silkos is developing an online marketplace where consumers can buy and sell their products in exhcange for digital currencies. Silkos is the decentralised version of Ebay and Amazon. They are already working […]

Blockchain, Tangle and other related technologies in the electric mobility infrastructure

While Bitcoin and Ethereum are looking for solution to be more scalable, IOTA is scalable by design. The more transactions created, the more transactions are verified and confirmed with IOTA. Creating a transaction does not require any fee, so sending value or data via the Tangle is free of charge. This enables a whole lot […]

cogniota machine learning as a service

cogniota machine learning as a service

Cogniota machine learning as a service Cogniota machine learning as a service is a new project launching on the IOTA network. CognIOTA: Any IOTA node can be turned into a machine learning node. Machine Learning nodes create CognIOTA cluster. IOTA nodes request machine learning services from CognIOTA. CognIOTA finds the solution for the request. It uses auctions for finding the best task executer. CognIOTA powers the economy […]

Sirin Labs unveil Finney Smartphone to securely hold your Crypto

Finney Smartphone by Sirin Labs built on IOTA Original Article : Sirin Labs, the maker of the US$16,000 Solarin Android smartphone, has unveiled its second line of devices named Finney. The Finney devices, named in homage to Bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney, will be designed from the ground up on an independent, fee-less blockchain specifically conceived to […]

Makers Meetup : IOTA and its practical application in the automotive industry

Makers Meetup #1 - Iota

Location : Space Shack, Schöneberg, Berlin On September 13th, 2017, a Meetup organised by MAKERS took place titled “Blockchain, tangle and beyond“ together with representaives from and innogy Innovation Hub.  After a presentation by Andreas Osowski (Core Developer at the IOTA foundation) about the latest developments at IOTA, Dr. Carsten Stöcker (Senior Manager at innogy […]

PayIOTA – A payment gateway for IOTA cryptocurrency

payiota iota payment gateway

PayIOTA A new Iota payment gateway was released from PayIOTA Our payment gateway Helps web merchants accept IOTA payments easy on their website. We have no fees, unlike other payment gateways. We have a simple API that you can integrate into your system.