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Iota Total Supply – Comparing IOTA total supply to Bitcoin & Ethereum

Iota maximum supply

Iota Units of Measurement In this video the Iota units of measurements are explained. There are 6 basic units of measurement in IOTA Pi,Ti,Gi,Mi,Ki,i Pi & Ti are huge numbers that have little meaning for everyday units of measurement. The other remaining units can be broken down like this. When comparing to other cryptocurrencies like […]

Iota computer simulation framework of the Tangle

iota simulations

IOTA Simulations: First Preview to the Community Author: Bartosz Kuśmierz Publication: Date: Nov 6 2017 Over the last few months the IOTA Team has been working on a computer simulation framework of the Tangle. The intention of this simulation framework is to first and foremost, generate and examine different Tangle environments under different conditions. These simulations […]

Tangle Vs Blockchain Explained

tangle vs blockchain

Tangle Vs Blockchain One of the best attempts at explaining Tangle Vs Blockchain and breaking down the main concepts so it’s easier to understand. Trying to understand IOTA and the tangle can get confusing. If you don’t know the difference between the Tangle and Blockchain this video will help. Nathan Leung aka “Captain Crypto” discusses no fees, […]

IOTA Co-founder Dominik Schiener | Tokyo Meetup (August 9, 2017)

iota the backbone of the internet of things

The Blockchain has had 8 years of progress. Considering the remarkable pace at which this technology has developed, the race is already on to write the next chapter. One of the many promising candidates vying to do just that is IOTA which focuses on the critical intersection between IoT and the Blockchain and aims to […]