CarrIOTA’s vision of IoT Telematics

Carriota IoT Telematics

CarrIOTA’s vision of IoT Telematics

Author: Roman Semko

The rise of telematics

The core developer team of CarrIOTA has been working for several years with a market leader in fleet management software. The Fleet Telematics System — or FTS — has become an indispensable tool in managing huge fleets of vehicles in logistics: from snow-plowings service and taxis, to entire bus companies, medical transports and even huge container ships.

The bigger the fleet, the more important role the management software has. While it might be easy to manage a small taxi company on paper or with Excel somewhere in a third-world country, more sophisticated tools are needed for bigger fleets for optimal resource management.

Using the fleet communications system (FCS) that usually runs as a web application, you communicate with your drivers, get real-time stats about your vehicle, check reports, manage users, clients, addresses and, most important, send orders to the vehicles.

The orders you send to the vehicle system (VS) is received by your driver who pilots the vehicle to the destination according to the order’s details: pick up something, bring something somewhere else, return to the HQ for maintenance, etc. There is still a human sitting between the VS and the vehicle’s wheel, who reacts to the orders received from FCS.

Human, the redundant component

The advances of automated driving will sooner or later make the driver useless. The dispatcher sitting in front of the FCS will be issuing orders directly to the vehicle. The vehicle itself will be an autonomous “thing” connected to the Internet. The telematics software will basically manage a fleet of IoT.

IOTA as infrastructure

Comparable to the roads you need for your fleet to be able to transport goods, you need some kind of infrastructure to transfer orders, data and value between your fleet of devices. While the rise of trustless networks makes the direct value transfers possible, not all networks/blockchains are a good choice for IoT management.

IOTA is the most logical choice at this moment, given its inverse scalability and absolutely free transactions. While the project is still beta, it is hard to make absolutely certain predictions of its viability (due to the innovation fog described above). However, it is the best shot right now. Lightyears ahead of any other alternative.

CarrIOTA-like software as a basis for FCS

Using the IOTA’s infrastructure to communicate between your devices, we need some kind of software that has a permission-based user access and allows us to manage multiple devices at once: checking the stats, sending orders, making transactions.

What we are doing with CarrIOTA can be considered a first step of creating a multi-user system that manages multiple entities. The main focus right now is financial management of the entities: assigning wallets, making transactions, automated standing orders and direct debits.

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