CarrIOTA — your personal IOTA-driven bank

Meet CarrIOTA — your personal IOTA-driven bank

Author: Roman Semko

We have started to work on a new generation of a cryptocurrency manager. Beyond a simple “wallet”. A complete manager of entities, wallets and value flows between them. A “carrier” of IOTAs. Hence, “CarrIOTA”.

The reasons and requirements for creating CarrIOTA were several:

1.Overall discontentment with the current “official” IOTA wallet.

2.Managing of multiple wallets.

3.Limiting wallet access


5.Automatic transactions

  • Standing orders: are transactions that get executed periodically.
  • Direct debits: are transactions that are executed upon request from a third party. This could be an online shop for faster checkout or your car insurance charging the annual fee.

6.Easier IOTA conversion

7.Total control and absolute security



What is Carriota?

IOTA finance manager: A private, trustless bank without fees or middlemen. Your app. Your hardware. Your business.

Given all the requirements above, we came up with a solution. An application operating on your own hardware that manages your wallets. It runs either as a stand-alone app on your computer or as a 24/7 service on your home server. In that case you access the manager through your browser.


The service can be run on any computer with linux installed. We are experimenting to make it work on an SBC (single board computer) such as Raspberry Pi, which you plug into your router at home, boot with a CarrIOTA SD-card and start using!

Read the full blog post on Medium here

Visit the Carriota website

Not just a wallet

CarrIOTA can be used as one-user-one-wallet. But it offers much more under the hood! You can add a variety of users and entities (be it your family, employers, businesses or appliances) with different access rights to your wallets.

A complete API

Running a permanent CarrIOTA node allows you to execute periodic standing orders or serve direct debit requests using a simple API run on top of the IOTA tangle.

Additional plug-ins will allow to manage IoT-specific functions directly from your manager. Turn off the light at home. Authorize home server resources for mining purposes. Request car milage information. Change your Netflix subscription plan. And more!

Total control of your finances

A planned reporting feature opens a door to powerful financial insights for total transparency.

Additional future exchange service will make it easy to load IOTAs or withdraw funds from your wallets using your bank or PayPal account.

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