BOSCH XDK using IOTA MAM (Masked Authenticated Messaging)


BOSCH XDK using IOTA MAM (Masked Authenticated Messaging)

MAM (Masked Authenticated Messaging) means your data is encrypted (Masked). Your data is confirmed to be coming from your device or entity (Authenticated). You can have a data stream that runs in a distributed ledger continuously and carry on until you decide to stop publishing (Messaging).

#IOTA currently has an incubator in partnership with @connectory #Bosch.  The Chicago Connectory features a mix of community, technology and educational resources to help facilitate IoT partnerships. Bosch, which invested nearly $2 million to help launch the Chicago Connectory, estimates that the global volume of the IoT market will grow 35 percent annually to 250 billion dollars by 2020.

Bosch XDK

Bosch XDK is a programmable sensor device & a prototyping platform for any IoT use case you can imagine. The universal programmable sensor device packed with state of the art sensor technology and ready-to-use software packages, capable of fulfilling all your IoT application needs.

Built for Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions to create IoT products, XDK has evolved continuously and is not only a prototyping platform but also a sensor node solution.

Masked Authenticated Messaging

Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM)

One of the most anticipated, and probably one of the most unique, modules for IOTA is Masked Authenticated Messaging. MAM makes it possible for sensors and other devices to encrypt entire data streams and securely anchor those into the IOTA Tangle in a quantum proof fashion. Only authorized parties will be able to read and reconstruct the entire data stream. In essence it works a lot like a radio where only those with the right frequency can listen in, in MAM only those with the right channel IDs get access to the data. You can expect many more announcements about MAM, as well as its applicability to industries such as Supply Chain, Banking and Industry 4.0.

Audit Trail Demonstration

Paul Handy gave a repeat demonstration of the MAM demo to send encrypted commands to machines. During the livestream 1:25:30 he used an example of a temperature sensor and sent that data to the tangle testnet.


Official Press Release

Chicago Connectory and IOTA Foundation Announce Partnership


Dominik Schiener (Iota Founder) and Developer Paul Handy present at the Chicago Connectory Meetup 


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