Blockchain, Tangle and other related technologies in the electric mobility infrastructure

While Bitcoin and Ethereum are looking for solution to be more scalable, IOTA is scalable by design. The more transactions created, the more transactions are verified and confirmed with IOTA. Creating a transaction does not require any fee, so sending value or data via the Tangle is free of charge. This enables a whole lot of new use cases, which were too costly with using Ethereum and other blockchains.

DLTs and the electric mobility infrastructure

The electric mobility infrastructure can benefit from these new technologies. In electric mobility we have to deal with (but are not limited to) the grid, the energy supplier and payments for the energy consumed by the customer, all according to predefined processes, information exchange interfaces and connected (mostly) to a central hub.

We need scalable solutions, because it is predicted that in the near future a lot of electric cars will hit the streets, and they all need to be charged. This requires a lot of communication between different devices, and might even require to do a lot of micro transactions between electric cars itself. This rapid growth will probably also stress the electricity grid, because we will add a lot more simultaneous demand to it.

Harm van den Brink (LinkedIn) is leading these innovations at ElaadNL:

“These technologies can radically change the world. At ElaadNL we’re following and actively participating in these technologies…”


Author: Harm van den Brink

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