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Coinone Exchange in S. Korea starts trading IOTA


IOTA Coinone Exchange Listing Today IOTA was added to a new exchange in S. Korea. Coinone currently the fourth largest exchange by volume is important for IOTA to penetrate into the Asian Markets. It’s trading at a higher price than other exchanges – 1412 SKW is about $1.30 compared to IOTA on Bitfinex $1.06 and […]

LATTICE80 & IOTA Open New Innovation Lab


LATTICE80, World’s Largest Fintech Hub, Partners with Germany’s IOTA on New Innovation Lab   LATTICE80, a Singapore based Fintech hub that is the largest of its kind, has partnered with IOTA Foundation to open up a new innovation lab in Singapore. IOTA Foundation, based in Germany, holds a mission to support the development and standardization of distributed ledger […]

Matchx exploring IOTA


Matchx Exploring IOTA Solutions   Matchx are the leading low-power wide area IoT solution provider. Their hardware uses Lora, can reach 20+km, and sensors can have 10+ Years battery life. They are exploring how to include the IOTA into their solution! MatchX Manufacturers Superior LPWAN Hardware and Software, Delivering Comprehensive IoT Cloud and Reporting […]

IOTA Hackathon: Fraud Detection


View original article on Author :  KIRA NEZU IOTA Hackathon: Fraud Detection (Part 1) The IOTA Hackathon took place from Nov 17 to Nov 19 in Gdansk, Poland. Software developers from all over Europe came together to put to test the IOTA Platform with various use cases. The event was sponsored by IOTA, Baltic Data Science (blockchain and big […]

Dominik Schiener & David Sønstebø AMA with TheNextWeb

Dominik Schiener & David Sønstebø Dominik Schiener & David Sønstebø AMA with TheNextWeb Thursday, November 30th 5:00pm CEST — 11:00am EDT — 8:00am PDT — 8:30pm IST Dominik is a young entrepreneur and Co-founder of IOTA, a new distributed ledger technology and non-profit Foundation in Germany. He has been involved in the Blockchain space for more than 5 years, […]

IOTA Token Mixer Released


IOTA Coin Mixer Released Author Laurence Tennant IOTA Mixer v1 Released The IOTA mixer mentioned in my post ‘Research on Private Transactions in IOTA’ is now running on the testnet. You can try it out with your testnet funds here. The mixer is the first application aiming to improve the anonymity and fungibility of IOTA. As mentioned in […]

IOTA Point of Sale Terminal by Green Protocol


Toronto based Green Protocol tweeted their new product today. Run by a Serial IoT entrepreneur and HAM radio specialist with a background in military communications, IoTaaS using Solar/LoRa/WiFi/SigFox/BLE. Introducing the IOTA-ION, Point of Sale Terminal, IOTA IRI Neighbour, ETHEREUM Mist Node, Windows 10 or Linux. @IOTASupport — green-protocol (@green_protocol) November 18, 2017 IOTA PAYMENT SOLUTIONS […]

Pollution monitoring with IOTA In Taiwan

Original Article: Author: serawo Pollution monitoring with IOTA Collaboration between LASS and research group at NCKU enables real-time air pollution monitoring with $IOTA distributed ledger technology for all the PM2.5 stations in Taiwan.   The goal of the IOTA Foundation is it to build a flourishing Machine Economy, where machines seamlessly interact and transact with each […]