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Gartner Predicts IoT in Everything

Gartner Predictions for 2018

Gartner Predicts IoT in Everything By 2020, IoT technology will be in 95% of electronics for new product designs. With the technology evolution surrounding the IoT, it will become increasingly possible to add IoT features to a product at minimal cost. While security challenges need to be sorted, suppliers should begin to think about how to implement […] WordPress Microtipping Plugin

WordPress Microtipping Plugin

Today launched the first version of their wordpress microtipping plugin This allows authors on any wordpress blog to receive micropayments from other users who appreciate their work. In it’s current version each author on a site adds their IOTA address and the plugin automatically adds a tipping link at the end of each article […]

Silkos online encrypted marketplace & Iota

silkos & Iota

Silkos & Iota Silkos is discussing to implement the tangle technology of IOTA into their blockchain business development technology.   About Silkos is developing an online marketplace where consumers can buy and sell their products in exhcange for digital currencies. Silkos is the decentralised version of Ebay and Amazon. They are already working […]

Dominik Schiener IOTA – Blockchain Future of Trust Summit 2017

Dominik Schiener IOTA – Blockchain Future of Trust Summit 2017 Dominik Schiener, one of the founders of IOTA takes part in a panel discussion in the Netherlands. The Blockchain Future of Trust Summit 2017 took place in De Ridderzaal, Den Haag on the 28th September 2017.

Blockchain, Tangle and other related technologies in the electric mobility infrastructure

While Bitcoin and Ethereum are looking for solution to be more scalable, IOTA is scalable by design. The more transactions created, the more transactions are verified and confirmed with IOTA. Creating a transaction does not require any fee, so sending value or data via the Tangle is free of charge. This enables a whole lot […]

Wallet Refresh  – IOTA Desktop Wallet in Development

iota desktop wallet

Iota Foundation member Navin Ramachandran shares the latest updates with the IOTA wallet development.  A team of developers and a team of translators are working on the project. Many users have asked for a desktop-specific version of the application, to match the different ergonomics of the desktop, compared to a mobile app.  Read the full post […]

cogniota machine learning as a service

cogniota machine learning as a service

Cogniota machine learning as a service Cogniota machine learning as a service is a new project launching on the IOTA network. CognIOTA: Any IOTA node can be turned into a machine learning node. Machine Learning nodes create CognIOTA cluster. IOTA nodes request machine learning services from CognIOTA. CognIOTA finds the solution for the request. It uses auctions for finding the best task executer. CognIOTA powers the economy […]