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IOTA / Ethereum Summer Camp – RuuviTag

Lauri Jämsä describes how he has been working with IOTA’s team by adding their MAM (Masked Authentication Messaging) support to RuuviTag. This made RuuviTag the first IOTA compatible low-power sensor device available. To showcase the new feature and to allow developers to use RuuviTags in their IOTA/Ethereum projects as soon as possible, he headed to Frankfurt where a […]

IOTA’s “Vulnerability”

IOTA’s “Vulnerability” summary article from Steemit Originaly Published here AUTHOR : rajivshah You’ve probably seen the report by Neha Narula, director of the Digital Coin Initiative at MIT. You’ve probably seen the Forbes article by Amy Castor. But you may not have seen: MIT-DCI’s full report of the “vulnerability”. IOTA developer Sergey Ivancheglo’s (known as Come-from-Beyond) response to the report. IOTA founder David Sønstebø’s response to the […]