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Tangle Vs Blockchain Explained

tangle vs blockchain

Tangle Vs Blockchain One of the best attempts at explaining Tangle Vs Blockchain and breaking down the main concepts so it’s easier to understand. Trying to understand IOTA and the tangle can get confusing. If you don’t know the difference between the Tangle and Blockchain this video will help. Nathan Leung aka “Captain Crypto” discusses no fees, […]

IOTA to be listed on Binance Exchange

IOTA ON BINANCE Today Binance started accepting IOTA deposits which means in a few days IOTA will begin trading there. It’s quite normal for wallets to be working and tested properly before real trading begins. What is also revolutionary is that transfers using IOTA to IOTA between exchanges won’t incur fees. Trading IOTA has previously […]

Sirin Labs unveil Finney Smartphone to securely hold your Crypto

Finney Smartphone by Sirin Labs built on IOTA Original Article : Sirin Labs, the maker of the US$16,000 Solarin Android smartphone, has unveiled its second line of devices named Finney. The Finney devices, named in homage to Bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney, will be designed from the ground up on an independent, fee-less blockchain specifically conceived to […]

Makers Meetup : IOTA and its practical application in the automotive industry

Makers Meetup #1 - Iota

Location : Space Shack, Schöneberg, Berlin On September 13th, 2017, a Meetup organised by MAKERS took place titled “Blockchain, tangle and beyond“ together with representaives from and innogy Innovation Hub.  After a presentation by Andreas Osowski (Core Developer at the IOTA foundation) about the latest developments at IOTA, Dr. Carsten Stöcker (Senior Manager at innogy […]

PayIOTA – A payment gateway for IOTA cryptocurrency

payiota iota payment gateway

PayIOTA A new Iota payment gateway was released from PayIOTA Our payment gateway Helps web merchants accept IOTA payments easy on their website. We have no fees, unlike other payment gateways. We have a simple API that you can integrate into your system.  

IOTA Introduces Flash Channels – Instant Feeless MicroPayments Off-Tangle

Iota Flash Channels

Flash is a bi-directional off-Tangle payment channel to enable instantaneous, high-throughput transactions. In essence, they provide a way for parties to transact at high frequency without waiting for each transaction to confirm on the public IOTA network. Read the full report on the IOTA Blog You can test the demo here. You must have WebGL enabled […]